Board of Directors

Mr. William K. Miller


Gold Coast Bank. Board Member since 2011, past Vice-President.

Mrs. Corrinne Newman


Bridghampton National Bank. Board Member since 1989, past Vice-President and past President.

Mr. Ron Gross


William Floyd United Teacher’s President. Board Member since 2005.

Mrs. Denise Robertson


Teacher at William Floyd School District. Board Member since 2011.

Board Members

  • Carmella Currao – Teacher at William Floyd School District Member since 2018
  • Mrs. Annette Monaco – Bank of America. Board Member since 2011.
  • Frank Montanez Jr. – FMJ Productions and Storage R Us Member since 2018.
  • Mrs. Constance Pellechia – Long Island Aquarium. Board Member since 2007.
  • Mr. William Ryan – Subway of Shirley Owner. Board Member since 2017.

Executive Director

Lynda Zach – Executive Director since 2008. Employed by Colonial since 1993. Rotary Board Member, Kiwanis Director, Secretary of the Mastics and Shirley Community Emergency Food Center Foundation.

Deputy Director

Ray Hopp – Deputy Director since 2008. Employed by Colonial since 1986. Chamber of Commerce of the Mastics & Shirley Director, William Floyd Community Summit Vice-President, Atlantic Community Activity Center Board Member.

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